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Multi Bank Linear Flash memory card 8x32 MB

Series X  INTEL/SHARP 28F160 (Attribute and Flash programming algorithm compatible Tech2Hi-Scan (Hyundai KIA),  CarmanScan 1.)

Proven compatibility with popular industry standard Flash File Systems (FFS) or Flash Translation Layer.
Applications for PC, PDA, PCA, Industrial Control, Standalone auto diagnostic systems, medical systems, Embedded System, instrumentation, Communication.
Supports Erase Suspend to Read command keeping Erase as a background task Mechanical Write protect switch not. Very low power consumption with automatic power management
No battery required for data retention or backup. 20 year data guarantee safe.

  PCMCIA Type II form factor
  Extremely rugged and reliable
  Industry standard PCMCIA 1.0


Nissan Consult-3 Plus is the newest Nissan diagnostic tool.


Ross-Tech VAG-COM VCDS interface


The HSX is a modular-built VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) with PowerPC-Core for the communication with vehicle electronic control units. This Heavy Duty version of the HSX family is designed for rough operations in garage, service and factory.


Laptop not included.


Land Rover approved scan tool for Land Rover vehicles.

The T4 Hand Held Tester, or scan tool, can now be purchased separate from the T4 diagnostic system as a standalone tool. It is a robust portable diagnostic device providing the technician with a convenient and easy-to-use tool for performing OBD-II and EU3 diagnostics and other vehicle-specific diagnostic applications.


From reflashing to logging to diagnostics, the Openport 2.0 can do it all with just a PC laptop and a USB port. Use it with our EcuFlash software for unlimited tuning and logging of Subarus, Mitsubishis, and an ever-expanding list of supported vehicles. The Openport's industry-standard SAE-J2534 interface can also be used with OEM reflashing software for any car sold in the USA since 2004.

A Smart Cable Means Faster Tuning.

The Openport 2.0 uses a built-in 32-bit ARM processor to allow fast communication with your ECU without burdening your PC - which means reliable faster reflashing and logging for you. Using built-in microSD slot, the Openport can log continuously from your ECU without a PC, day after day, to help work out those hard to replicate bugs in your tune.


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