Designed to program Hitag2-HiTag3 based chips or original keys.HiTag-2 was superseded by HiTag-3, which becomes usable by the security systems installed in modern cars.Programmer supports E-series and F-series BMW, equipped with CAS3/CAS4 based on 9S12XDP512/9S12XEP100 Motorola MCU’sTypes of chips supported:  PCF7936, PCF7941, PCF7942, PCF7944, PCF7945, and PCF7946.


ELV emulator for BMW E60, E90 etc.  

Emulates steering lock (ELV).

Plug&Play, no additional programming necessary (must reset CAS error counters only in some cases). If connected correctly LED must blink when CAS is accessing ELV


EWS and key testing device


New EWS Editor Lite Hardware UPDATE (version - 03)
and EWS Editor Software UPDATE (version - 3.2.3) available now!

Features of new version:

  • EWS2 SW4 support added
  • Now you can work with damaged or incomplete dumps simply choosing EWS type
  • Enhanced read/write function for transponders
  • Some errors and bugs fixed
  • South Africa VIN support added
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