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BMW-Explorer V 19.03.15 Megarelease !!

New version of BMW-Explorer released with a bunch of improvements:

  • Added new software versions for LM2 LM_AHL FRM2
  • Fixed reset mileage for DME/DDE
  • Added new SWFL for MDG1 programming
  • Added new coding data from ISTA 4-15-33
  • Added new versions of  SWFL for FEM/BDC and DME/DDE
  • Fixed programming of FEM/BDC/EGS/DME/DDE
  • Added reset EWS function for 8HP G series
  • Added reading ISN EDMEI1 (BMW I3)
  • Added new versions of SWFL for DME / DDE MDG1 and EGS
  • Fixed programming for DME2 F90
  • Fixed key programming reset mileage for FEM/BDC
  • Fixed coding BACKUP for F-G series
  • Added new versions of SWFL for DME / DDE MDG1 
  • Added read / write EGS 8HP calibrations (GSB231, GSB23TU, GSZFB1) for F and G series
  • Added new SWFL versions for the reset of the EGS 8HP
  • Added new SWFL versions for the reset of the FEM / BDC run of the updated ISTAP 65
  • Added  CRC and CVN calculator
  • Added  Calibration write option for F series

 F-R- series

  • B38 DME83T1 B38A15A F45, F46, F48, F55, F56, F57
  • B48 DME841H B48A20A F45, F46, F48, F55, F56, F57
  • S63 DME88T0 S63B44T4 F90
  • N74 DME88T0 N74B68U2 RR11, RR12
  • Added CRC 10 Function monitoring
  • Added recovery Flash

MAN T400 Interface

The VCI T4xx series has new technical standards which make it easier to work with the MAN-cats® diagnostic system. It is also 80% smaller than the previous T200, which allows easier handling.

The benefits of the T4xx series at a glance:

  • Innovative, extremely compact design: Environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient production
  • Latest wireless technology for Wi-fi connections in the 5 GHz band: Wi-fi operation including flashing and parameterisation, less interference from mobile devices in the low GHz band
  • Magnetic plug on interface side: prevents cable damage from snagging
  • USB plug on laptop side: no external power supply necessary, simple configuration of the VCI on MAN-cats® diagnostic computer at a desk, secure connections
  • DoIP support: compatible with future MAN vehicle generations
  • Future-proof hardware: with preparation for future additional functions in the diagnostic software
  • New adapter cable set: colour-coded cables, integrated cable identification
  • Cost savings: significantly lower costs than previous interface hardware

Christmas Discounts on Auto-Explorer!!!

Chistmas sales just started, and will continue till 31-December 2018 !!! Hurry up!!!

You can buy any AUTO-EXPLORER product or license with 20% discount, simply enter this discount code during checkout B93521B840

Also we can offer special prices for PACKAGES

  • BMW-Explorer "Everything for MILEAGE" =2400 EUR
  • BMW-Explorer base "Everything for KEYS" = 4000 EUR
  • BMW-Explorer base "All for E-series" = 3900 EUR
  • BMW-Explorer base "All for F-series" = 6400 EUR
  • BMW-Explorer FULL+ECU-Explorer and Hitag2 =8000 EUR
Check SPECIAL OFFER menu in our website

FLASH calibration license

Released software license to READ/WRITE calibrations for F and G series models

F- series

B48 DME841 B48B20A F20, F21, F22, F23, F30, F31, F32, F32, F33, F34, F35, F36
B48 DME841H B48B20A F30, F31, F32, F32, F33, F34, F35, F36
B58 DME861 B58B30A F20, F21, F22, F30, F31, F32, F34, F35, F36


B46 DME840 B46B20B G30, G31, G32, G11, G12, G01
B48 DME840 B48B16A G01,G30, G31
B48 DME840H B48B16A G01,G30, G31
B58 DME860 B58B30A G01, G11, G12, G30, G31, G32
N63 DME880 N63B44C G11, G12
N63 DME880 N63B40B G12
N74 DME8C0 N74B66B G12
B48 DME840H B48B20B G30, G38, G11, G12
B47 DDE802 B47D20A G30, G31, G01
B57 DDE832 B57D30A G30, G31, G32, G11, G12, G01

HITAG3 ver.4.06 released

Version 4.06 just released and RFA/KVM-BCM lost syncronization restore option added


Truck Explorer for SALE!

MB Truck Explorer for SALE! Vesion 3.0, Price is 700 EUR only.




50% DISCOUNT !!! 


HITAG3 Range Rover 2017 key learning module released!!!

Range Rover 2017 key learning by dump(RFA, KVM XEQ384CAL) HITAG3 module released. Even all keys lost!

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