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BMW-Explorer V 17.03.20

BMW-Explorer V 17.03.20

  • Added new ISN DME read/write softwares (BOSCH)
  • Added new ISN DME read/write softwares (E-series Siemens) ISTA 55-60
  • Updated CAS4 calc
  • Added new coding data from ISTA61.1

From version BMW-Explorer V 17.03.20 and higher,software started to use counter.
Each launch of the software if there is no active Internet connection reduces the counter by 1 unit,
If there is an Internet connection,software does not reduce the counter.
If the counter is decreased with an active Internet connection, the program will automatically renew its counter.
Also you can renew it through the license manager in offline mode.
If there is a need to work without an Internet connection, simply extend the license and you will have 20 offline tokens

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