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BMW Explorer v12.11.20 released !

What is new:

  1. Added calculator for CAS programmed by ISTA43 or higher.CAS eeprom and extra programmer needed
  2. Improved key programming for CAS4 equipped models


X-mas discount on BMW Explorer !!!

X-mas and New year discount from Nov-17 till Jan-1  !!!

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BMW Explorer v12.11.17 released

Added coding indexes from ISTA 47.7 and 48.1


Version v2.5 of MB Truck Explorer just released

Version v2.5 of MB Truck Explorer just released

What's new:

- FLASH with invalid structure are not allowed to write (Euro 3/4/5)

- Bug fix: sometimes during flash write bad checksums were calculated. All users must update their devices.

- "Write fuel map" added, it writes only map area and therefore is safer/faster than whole flash write


BMW-Explorer V 12.10.31 just released

BMW-Explorer V 12.10.31 just released

Key programming for CAS4 with XEP100 improved
Key programming for CAS3+ improved

Download it here

MB Truck Explorer v. 2.3 released

MB Truck Explorer v. 2.3 released

What's new:

  • - "Extra" Tab added in software menu
  • - During ECU FLASH memory writing procedure, dump is checked for valid checksums. If checksums are invalid, user   can choose to correct them automatically.
  • - Get/set speed limit added (check Extra tab)
*. Press UPDATE button in Settings menu to update VEI firmware

BMW-Explorer V 12.09.26 just released

BMW-Explorer V 12.09.26 just released

Improved stored mileage reset function in CAS3
Improved TV-in motion function for E65
Added new softwares for ISN reading in ME17N45 ECU's

Download it here

Выпущена новая версия BMW-Explorer V 12.09.26

Доработан сброс сохраненого пробега CAS3
Исправлена активация тв в E65
Добавленны новые софты чтения ISN в ME17N45

Загрузить здесь

BMW Explorer v.12.09.17 released !

BMW-Explorer V 12.09.17


Добавлена запись ключей CAS4 с XEP100 (необходим eeprom CAS)
Доработана запись ключей CAS3+ при утере всех .
Добавлена активация телевизора в движении E65
Добавлены новые кодировочные данные E серия
Добавлено чтение кодировок F серии (без записи)
Сброс сохраненного пробега в CAS3 и CAS3+ (через доп функии!!!!сброс занимает 100-120 минут)

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BMW-Explorer V 12.09.17

What's new:

Key programming for CAS4 with XEP100 (CAS eeprom neccessary) added
Improved CAS3+ key programming (if all key lost)
TV in motion for E65 added
More coding indexes for E-series
Coding readout for F-series added
Stored mileage reset for CAS3/CAS3+ added (available via special functions menu and can take up to 100-120min)

Download here

MB Truck Explorer version 2.0 released

VERSION 2.0 of Mercedes Truck Explorer just released !!!

What's new:

FIRST IN THE WORLD !! SUPPORT OF NEWEST TRUCKS FROM 2011 YEAR (Continental PLD without external flash, MCU XC2287). NEW LICENSE "2011+" IS REQUIRED.

-Fault codes read/clear for all ECUs - FDOK offline calculator (now no need truck coonection) 

- Added explanations for some internal error codes                                                                                                            

- "Analyze & Read all" operation for MR memory                                                                                                                

- "Software update" button for new software check online

ATTENTION: All users must update both device (using "Update device" button in MB Truck Explorer software) and software (from ). If user update device only, after update it will stop to work with all previous software versions (user will get "error code 20").

15% discounts !!!!

Dear valued customers!


During Automechanika Frankfurt-2012 show (11-Sep/16-sep-2012) we glad to announce 15% discount on  below listed products:



  1. MB truck Explorer
  2. PSA Explorer
  3. 8-in-1 Multi-bank Linear flash card for GM Tech-2 scanner


Once all of orders will be settled, we'll start to ship your purchases.

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