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MB Truck Explorer version 2.0 released

VERSION 2.0 of Mercedes Truck Explorer just released !!!

What's new:

FIRST IN THE WORLD !! SUPPORT OF NEWEST TRUCKS FROM 2011 YEAR (Continental PLD without external flash, MCU XC2287). NEW LICENSE "2011+" IS REQUIRED.

-Fault codes read/clear for all ECUs - FDOK offline calculator (now no need truck coonection) 

- Added explanations for some internal error codes                                                                                                            

- "Analyze & Read all" operation for MR memory                                                                                                                

- "Software update" button for new software check online

ATTENTION: All users must update both device (using "Update device" button in MB Truck Explorer software) and software (from ). If user update device only, after update it will stop to work with all previous software versions (user will get "error code 20").

15% discounts !!!!

Dear valued customers!


During Automechanika Frankfurt-2012 show (11-Sep/16-sep-2012) we glad to announce 15% discount on  below listed products:



  1. MB truck Explorer
  2. PSA Explorer
  3. 8-in-1 Multi-bank Linear flash card for GM Tech-2 scanner


Once all of orders will be settled, we'll start to ship your purchases.

Automechanika Frankfurt 2012

Dear valued customers!

During Automechanika Frankfurt-2012 show (11-Sep/16-sep-2012) we glad to announce 15% discount on  below listed products:

  1. MB truck Explorer
  2. PSA Explorer
  3. 8-in-1 Multi-bank Linear flash card for GM Tech-2 scanner 

MB Truck Explorer version 1.5 released

MB Truck Explorer version 1.5 released



  1. DAS password calculator
  2. s/n labeled on device is showed now
  3. v1.4 bug fixed
  4. minor improvements


Download here

BMW Explorer v.12.06.14 just released!

BMW Explorer v.12.06.14 just released! 

New features:

CAS4 key programming in ignition lock (via antenna on steering column.CAS4 EEPROM required)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Improved: EEPROM reading for DxN57 and D7xN47 engines. All versions supported from now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ISTA-46.4 coding indexes added.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      More DTC explanations added for F-series models.

CAS4(N55 engine) key programming video manual 

CAS4(All engines) key programming(when CAS4 EEPROM required) video manual 


Выпущена версия 12.06.14 BMW Explorer

Запись ключей
CAS4 в катушке зажигания !!! (сервисная катушка на рулевой колонке) необходим eeprom CAS4
Доработано: Чтение eeprom D7xN57 и D7xN47 двигателей . теперь все версии
Добавлены новые кодировочные индексы
Добавлены новые расшифровки ошибок по Fxx серии

Видео записи ключей по OBD CAS4 и двигатель N55 

Видео записи ключей в катушке зажигания на все типы моторов (необходим eeprom cas4)


Discount on Multi Bank Linear Flash Card

Discount on Multi Bank Linear Flash Card for Tech2/Carmascan. Only $500 until 2012.07.01

Multi Bank Linear Flash memory card 8x32 MB

Series X  INTEL/SHARP 28F160 (Attribute and Flash programming algorithm compatible Tech2 , Hi-Scan (Hyundai KIA),  CarmanScan 1.)

Proven compatibility with popular industry standard Flash File Systems (FFS) or Flash Translation Layer.
Applications for PC, PDA, PCA, Industrial Control, Standalone auto diagnostic systems, medical systems, Embedded System, instrumentation, Communication.
Supports Erase Suspend to Read command keeping Erase as a background task Mechanical Write protect switch not. Very low power consumption with automatic power management
No battery required for data retention or backup. 20 year data guarantee safe.

  PCMCIA Type II form factor
  Extremely rugged and reliable
  Industry standard PCMCIA 1.0

Price only $500 until 2012.07.01

New firmware for PSA Explorer

New firmware update v1123, please update your devices. 

What's new:

 * if PIN read was aborted during critical operation, next PIN read now
works 2 times faster
 * PIN read speed was slightly improved

Выпущен новый фирмвар v1123 для прибора PSA Explorer.Пожалуйста обновите прибор.

Что нового:

*В случае неудачи отчитывания PIN кода,при следующей попытке код читается в 2 раза быстрее

*Немного увеличена скорость чтения PIN кода

PSA Explorer 1.4

PSA Explorer v 1.4 just released

MB Truck Explorer released!

New product – MB Truck Explorer
Category: Immobilizer Programming

Price: 4600 USD/3500.00 Euro

More info:

MB Truck eXplorer – powerful tool for special operations on Mercedes Trucks Engine Control Unit (PLD). MBeX can program keys, read / write internal PLD memory EEPROMs and FLASH, calculate codes with algorithm compatible with X1,X2, X8, XT, XT by VeDoc (FDOK) X-functions, calculate DAS password for MR download.
MBeX consists from hardware communication interface VEI™, cables, software MB Truck Explorer, licences for different modules. Licences include module activation, free software / firmware updates and support for chosen time period (1 year by default).

Models coverage: Trucks - ACTROS, ATEGO, AXOR, ECONIC;
and Yachts.

Years: 1996 – 2011

BMW Explorer update 12.04.14 - CAS4 (F-series) via OBD!!!

BMW-Explorer V 12.04.14

What’s new:

  • CAS3+ key programming if ALL KEYS LOST for models with MSV80 , MSD80 , MSD85 ECU’s
  • Key programming for F-series (7-er F01,F02, GT-series F07, 5-er and 6-er F10,F11,F12,F13,F18, X3 F25) with N55 (BOSCH) ECU’s via OBD!!!
  • ISN reading for MEVD172Y (F-series)
  • Improved: Mileage reset for DME/DDE, AIF correction, Correction of yearly mileage counter
  • New coding indexes added (ISTA-46)

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