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BMW-Explorer V 17.03.20

BMW-Explorer V 17.03.20

  • Added new ISN DME read/write softwares (BOSCH)
  • Added new ISN DME read/write softwares (E-series Siemens) ISTA 55-60
  • Updated CAS4 calc
  • Added new coding data from ISTA61.1

From version BMW-Explorer V 17.03.20 and higher,software started to use counter.
Each launch of the software if there is no active Internet connection reduces the counter by 1 unit,
If there is an Internet connection,software does not reduce the counter.
If the counter is decreased with an active Internet connection, the program will automatically renew its counter.
Also you can renew it through the license manager in offline mode.
If there is a need to work without an Internet connection, simply extend the license and you will have 20 offline tokens


Just released standalone device to renew used  SMART-keys for  TOYOTA/LEXUS (supported types of keys  88/A8/94/D4/98)

smart eraser

ECU-Explorer version 16.11.29

ECU-Explorer version 16.11.29

  • ISN read/write for MINI R56 MED17.2 added

BMW-Explorer version 16.11.10

BMW-Explorer version 16.11.10

  • Fixed reset meliage for RDC_70
  • Added mileage reset in REM_20 BPCM72 HCP_72
  • Added read ISN and PSW from Siemens MSD852 (hybrid)
  • Added new coding data from ISTA ver. 60
  • Fixed built-in calculator for CAS4
  • Added new softwares for ISN reading/writing from DME/DME

X-mas sales for Auto-Explorer products !!!


We glad to announce X-mas sales!!! Sales starts from 28-Nov and will continue till 1-Jan

You can buy any AUTO-EXPLORER product or license with 20% discount, simply enter this discount code during checkout 5A568F6C62

Also we can offer special prices for PACKAGES

  • BMW-Explorer Full + ECU-Explorer+ BMW_Isn = 6480 EUR
  • BMW-Explorer base + E-keys license + F-keys license+ ECU-Explorer = 3400 EUR
  • BMW-Explorer base + F-keys license + ECU-Explorer = 3100 EUR
  • BMW-Explorer base + F-mileage license + ECU-Explorer = 2400 EUR

Legendary Renault Explorer

Legendary Renault Explorer 1.5 is available for ordering. Offer limited! Hurry up!

Renault Explorer 1.5

BMW-Explorer version 16.07.08

BMW-Explorer version 16.07.08 released

  • Added mileage reset for DSC_56 ( MINI )
  • Added annual mileage reset for DSC_56 ( MINI )Improved mileage adjustment for CAS2
  • Improved key programming for CAS4+(EWS5)
  • Fixed bug in E-series coding
  • Improved write ISN functionality for CAS3+
  • Improved mileage reset for E and F-series models
  • Added new softwares for ISN read/write in DME                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

BMW-Explorer version 16.03.02

BMW-Explorer version 16.03.02

  • Added new software for ISN reading from DME
  • Improved key programming for CAS4
  • Improved key programming for CAS3+
  • Improved ISN reading from Siemens series DMEs


ECU-Explorer V 15.12.11

ECU-Explorer V 15.12.11

  • Improved reading of SAK-1796
  • Added connection diagrams for MSD80/MSD81

BMW-Explorer V 15.11.26

BMW-Explorer version 15.11.26

  • Added key programming and CAS read/write function after update of ISTA57 (9395656,9395657)
  • Added new softwares for ISN reading/writing from F-series DME
  • Improved ISN reading from 6HP EGS (E-series)
  • Added new coding data from ISTA57.1
  • Added Russian language for F-series coding


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