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BMW Explorer v.131119 released

Version news:

  • Mileage reset improved
  • Added ISN reading from S63TU engine (M5 F-series)
  • Improved mileage reset for models with Siemens ECU
  • Improved key programming function for E and F-series models
  • Added new softwares of ISN reading for MEVD1724/MEVD1725



BMW Explorer ver.131109 released

Version news:

  • Added key programming for CAS4 with EWS5 encryption (2011-2013 m.y.)
  • Improved key programming function for CAS3+
  • Improved mileage reset for EDC17
  • Added mileage reset function for the following EDC17 engines: (D70BX7A0 D75BX7A0) F15, F10LCI
  • Added mileage reset function for the following Siemens DMEs: - MS45, MSV70, MSV80, MSV90, MSS60, MSS65, MSD80, MSD85, MSD87
  • Added reading and injector calibration function for D70BX7A0 D75BX7A0 engines
  • Added new coding indexes from ISTA 51.1 (for E and F series cars)


BMW Explorer ver.131010 released

Whats new:

  • Major bug fixed caused program to quit with error
  • CAS3+ calculator improved
  • Software and software settings improved
  • Key programming for CAS3+ improved
  • Added new softwares for ISN reading from MEVD1724 and MEVD1725                                                       


BMW Explorer v. 131004 released !!!


  • “COM-port saving” bug fixed
  • Fixed bug in service interval change function after oil reset ( in DME)
  • DME system time reading (for F-series)
  • Key programming for CAS3+ improved
  • Added new softwares and ISN changing possibility for MEVD172 MEVD172Y MEVD1724 MEVD1725


BMW Explorer v.131003 just released!!!

Important news:

  • ISN reading for EDC17 improved
  • CAS3+ calculator improved
  • DME/DDE adaption values reset added for all models
  • Battery registration added for all models
  • Improved DDE coding after mileage reset
  • Improved mileage reset function for LMV_84 and LMV_01
  • "Settings" menu improved- new settings added
  • Coding function improved
  • Added coding indexes from ISTA 50.3
  • E84(X1) coding bug fixed
  • EDC17 injector programming bug fixed
  • Added new software versions for EDC17 mileage reset
  • HELP book refreshed 
  • Added HELP book in English language


MB Truck Explorer 2.10 released

What's new:
- added translation for Spanish, French, Portuguese and Russian
- now all texts are translated (including faults descriptions)


BMW-Explorer V 13.07.13 released

BMW-Explorer V 13.07.13


 Доработана запись ключей подробнее (Описание здесь)

 Добавленно отображения частоты радиоканала CAS

 Добавленно отображение типа процессора в CAS4 (XDP512 или XEP100)

 Добавленны новые кодировочные индексы ISTA50



BMW-Explorer V 13.07.13


Key programming for E-series improved (Look here)

CAS frequency indication added

Indication of MCU type added (XDP512 or XEP100) for CAS4

Coding indexes added from ISTA v50

New tool released !!

ECU-Explorer tool exclusively designed to read Infineon Tricore MCU’s over CAN-bus. Supports Read/Write EEPROM function for secured and non-secured SAC-TC1766 , SAC-TC1767 , SAC-TC1797 microcontrollers.        ECU-Explorer comes with Mileage, DPF, ECU system time and ISN built-in calculators.

Purpose of use:

  1. Change power level (320-328)
  2. Switch OFF oxygen sensors
  3. Switch OFF check engine lamp
  4. Reset mileage
  5. Reset system time
  6. Change ISN (for engines N13,N20,N55 etc.)

MB Truck v2.9 released

What's new:
* German language added

BMW-Explorer V 13.06.05 released

BMW-Explorer V 13.06.05


  • CAS3+ calculator improved
  • Key programming to CAS3+ improved
  • Coding read/write function improved
  • New coding indexes added

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