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PSA Explorer NEW firmware released

New firmware version (v1414) released, please update your device.

What's new:
* Siemens BSI CAN (Peugeot 407 2006 year): more stable communication, more
BSI types are supported

BMW-Explorer V 13.04.10 just released

What's new:

  • Improved ISN reading function for EDC17
  • Improved key programming procedure for models equipped with MSS60
  • New ISN reading indexes added for models equipped with DDE51/DDE60
  • New coding indexes added for E-series models (ISTA v.49)
  • Added possibility to enter your own coding for E-series models



New HiTag3 programmer! Specially designed to program HiTag-3 (HiTag PRO) based transponders or original keys. HiTag-2 was superseded by HiTag-3, which becomes usable by the security systems installed in modern cars. Programmer supports F-series BMW, equipped with CAS4 based on 9S12XDP512/9S12XEP100 Motorola MCU’s. Types of chips supported: PCF7936, PCF7941, PCF7942, PCF7944, PCF7945, and PCF7946.

BMW Explorer v.13.03.16

BMW-Explorer V 13.03.16

Improved key programming function for E-series models

CAS4 coding improved. Also added possibility to enter coding manually (F-series)

MED172 ISN reading function: New software’s added

MV1722 ISN reading function: New software’s added

MSS60 ISN reading function: ALL possible software’s added

Added ISN reading function for MEVD1724 (F-Series N20 engines)


PSA Explorer firmware update v1354

Please update your PSA Key Prog or PSA Explorer devices (go to "Settings" ->
"Update device" in PSA Explorer software).

What's new:

 * PIN reading for Valeo/JCI BSI is faster now

 * Key programming for Continental BSI fixed

BMW Explorer V 13.02.27

BMW-Explorer V 13.02.27

*.Dashboard annual mileage adjustment added (For F01 and F10)

*.Released coding module for F-series

*.Added mileage reset for DME  D60PSA0 (Mini)

*.Added ISN reading for D60PSA0 (Mini)

*.Added coding indexes+TV in motion (F-series)



MB Truck Explorer v2.6

MB Explorer v2.6 released

What's new:

* Immo off (MR) function added

* Support of DirectConnect cable (to work with PLD on the table)

Release of PSA Explorer v.1.7

What's new: * "Verify PIN", "Read immo info" functions added * BSI connect bug fixed, please update your devices.
All clients must update both software (from and device (in PSA Explorer software tab Settings -> "Update device").

PSA Explorer 1.6 released !

What's new:

Support of Siemens BSI (CAN) added (Peugeot 407 2006 and some other cars) * GUI: key programming wizard is more comfortable now.
All customers must update both software (from and device firmware (in PSA Explorer software tab Settings -> "Update device").

BMW Explorer v.13.01.28 released !!!

  • Added new coding indexes:Fog lamp,head lamp,henon lamp control voltage,etc.
  • Improved "Clear DTC" function during quick test
  • ISN bugs fixed in CAS3+ calc
  • Added calc for CAS4(XDP512)
  • Improved key programming for CAS3+ and CAS4
  • Updated DTC explanation database
  • Added stored DTC explanation function

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