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BMW keyprog v5.1

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Key features and distinctions

1. CAS unit programming through OBD-II connector.
2. ISSS version 39 and above.
3. No problem with SOPT system.
4. Simple and convenient interface (no buttons, no complicated instructions).
5. Fully automatic operation.
6. Fast programming protocol (it takes 10-20 seconds per key).
7. Support for original keys (315, 868 MHz) and PCF7936 transponder.
8. Up to 10 key could be registered in one CAS unit. 11th key will be registered as first.
9. Internet updates capability (by serial number request).
10. DTC clear function*.
11. ELV (steering wheel blocking) synchronization function*.
12. Unblocking door locks, disabling alarm system*.

* – functions performed automatically.


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